A Water Relfections Day

Guess where I went today? On a walk! I really love trying new things as you can read. Especially since I NEVER go on walks!

Yeah right.

So anyway I took some pictures on the walk. It was really nice out too, about 40 degrees, also there was all these puddles of water and they reflected everything. Which was nice, as you can guess.

So this picture is a crack I found, if you couldn’t guess.

The next  one is a hole in a fence, which you probably guessed. I thought it would be sort of interesting….

I took this, because of the reflection in the water. Otherwise I have no interest in skateboarding.

These two I liked because of the bareness, just the openness. Also I like how the power lines were all in a line, that really shows how bight the area is.

 This I took because I liked the look of melting snow, I bet there will be more though, it only February!

Also as you could guess I liked the water reflections and that it reflected the basketball hoop.

So to end this post, I will it with a stop sign.

Well thanks for reading my blog!

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