Moving Trees

I forgot to put this one in, in the post that it was supposed tp go along with (A Reflections, Big Tree and Small House Rock Day)  I don’t know why, because I really liked this photo. And have meant to put it in soon, but–because other very (make that) good matters that are more important that a few measly photos have taken up my time (which is the very scientific and important way to say you just kept forgetting).

I took this shot by putting my camera a the base of the tree on up (the second one) and the first photo I took by I think standing and pointing the camera upwards, I didn’t really want to get on my back.

I like the way that the sky is moving in a way along with the trees that it makes you feel like your going in a blur, or really fast, which we are in a way we are..

Thanks for reading another out of many (and hopefully good posts),

A Photographer

Until next time…




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