A Relfections, Big Tree, and Small House Rocks Day…..

Yesterday we went on a hike, like you might have figured out we do this very Sunday. It was a day of relfections, and I got osme really good ones. It was nice because it was overly hot, or cold. There was a breeze and my camera had batteries. Until the end, when I saw this amaing sunset, the sun was a flaming ball of fire and it was amzing. That was the time I chose to bring spares, but forget there dead. Well that didn’t work….

There were some really cool things there. Like a tree that fell over, it was really, really, really, really, really (times 100) big. OK, maybe not that big….also there was this rock the size of a small house. Wow it was BIG! I climbed on top and took some shots.

Also there was an old farm that used to be owned by the Jabbs. It was another 6 miler or it might’ve been shorter but oh well….

Well there are the photos!


9 thoughts on “A Relfections, Big Tree, and Small House Rocks Day…..

  1. Great pictures! What really grabs me is the way you have captured texture. This is to me what photography is about, capturing the beauty in everyday life. Everyone can take a picture of something beautiful, or beautiful scenery. Everyone can edit their photo’s. These are raw, and real.

  2. I think you have great potential but I feel that you need to use lightroom and do some curve adjustments. You are very passionate about photography it seems but I feel like there’s aspects like texture, color and contrast that need to be worked on in some of the photographs. Koodos to you.

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