Looking Back on Bunnies!

About a year ago we got our first bunny. We didn’t own this bunny, but we fostered it, which means we took care of it for a few months switching off different bunnies until an owner got a bunny. This bunny’s name was Butterscotch. He was a bit skittish, but it was really fun having him. He was really cute. He was an Holland Lop and about what, 8 years old, I think? I think also between the doog, my sister and me. We terrorized the poor thing a little bit. But he was lovely and I could never ask for a better bunny.

After that angle we got the worst bunny ever. Her name was Rose. More like Rosezilla. She had to have a room to herself clear of everything so she didn’t chew it up. She chewed a ton, when we got her she was halfway through the past owner’s Twilight. She could jump as high was a car door and break out of her cage. She pooped on the floor, bit people, ripped up or carpet and well….was a terror. We were so glad to get rid of her. She was a bit fun, but not too much.

Now I look back on my pictures of Butterscotch….


One thought on “Looking Back on Bunnies!

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