So it feels like as soon as the leaves leave falls over, which in my mind is partly true. You just don’t have the flourishing coloring and the blue skies. We haven’t even left October yet! And yet the past 3 days at my house have been windy and warm, which is weird. But all the leaves are pretty much off the trees (where I live, I’m hoping to go to a lookout and see the whole area in color). Here are some pictures.

I did these in black and white just to emphasize the gloominess of it all. Here is a shot of my neighborhood, but all this November stuff might be because of the overcast sky.

This is a picture of a bird nest in a pile of leaves that I took, we are having really stong winds and it must’ve blown out of a tree in the wind.

Here it also shows the barrenness in all its glory of the barren and leafy landscape.

Just to remind you that fall isn’t gone yet I took this shot!


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