As Fall Takes it’s Turn…

Today we went to a farm/orchard type of thing and they had so many cute little animals there! I got a pumpkin. You can’t really tell its fall because it’s like Indian Summer! All you have is the leaves. I mean I bet some people every morning wake up thinking it’s the middle of August and have to take a double take at the leaves wondering if they had too much sugar the night before, then you have the calendar to reassure you but otherwise it’s hot!

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like hot, I like cold. So fall’s my favorite type of season, winter is cold, but sometimes too cold. Fall’s really pretty for pictures to,  so that’s nice.

This cow was so cute, I love little cows. Don’t be alarmed by the skinniness of this cow, I don’t remember much but that it’s a small cow and give really rich milk and it’s called a Jersey Cow, also that if it eats do much and rich food it will have digestion problems. OK, maybe I remember a lot. Have you ever gone into your post thinking you don’t remember anything and then while your writing it, it all comes back to you? Then you don’t want you start over and end up saying you did remember it all like I just did?

These chicks were os adorable! They peeped and peeped and peeped, and trust me when you saw these things it would NEVER get annoying. We got to pick up these little balls of fluff and hold them. They weren’t very obliged though. I think they wanted to get away from us more than we did. I would never get tired of these little guys! But I really like the first shot of them all under the light.

This Billy Goat didn’t do much and I didn’t take time to read the explanation sign. But I do know that it’s little sneaky cousins love to eat. My sister was feeding them out of some seed in a paper bag and it grabbed the bag from her and ate it whole. They all fought over it like it was the best piece of chocolate cake! They fought for a paper bag! That would be one of the most less appetizing things I could think of eating! That’s why humans are no related to them!

The pigs weren’t as moving and cute as the chicks but they had their perks like bacon. But alive they’re OK too. The piglet was really cute it just walked around as the edge of the gate just snorting. Like it was thinking get me away for my gross family [turning around looking at its sister or brother] Sally! Stop snorting! Oh no! People are looking at me, I’m not from this family, take me home! I’m just a normal pig! OK I sort of staged that it didn’t really happen I let my imagination get away with me…But the pig was walking a lot.

I like taking shots of pumpkins and it only happens once a year so I try to get some good shots of them. Here they had a big circle of them where they were all scattered around. I took some shots and bought one. Can’t wait to carve them.

Well thanks for reading this post!

"I wonder do they really need this piece of wood, it looks really tasty! And I had this really nice thought: you could let a army of goats across the earth and we could get rid of all those land fills of garbage, it looks tasty...."


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